Wednesday, 28 March 2012

EP-4 - Lingua Franca-1

New wave, again, but this is more on the post-punk side of things and it also focuses more on instrumentation than vocals

160kbps mp3
ayeyo first track

Totsuzen Danball - Yokushi Onryoko

bestest new wave
But really, this album is just a better, funkier and crazier version of bands such as Hikashu and Halmens

Please see

Monday, 26 March 2012

Citrus - Wispy, No Mercy

Citrus are a Japanese Shibuya-kei band who released most of their stuff on Cornelius' (of Flipper's Guitar) Trattoria label. I believe this is their last EP out of around 5 and this one in particular is extremely upbeat and fast paced. And it's only 11 minutes long so it ends all too quickly but nevertheless, great stuff. If you want something calmer you should listen to the EP just before this one called Splash.

Not my favourite but it's the only one that's on Youtube, this is the third track

Sakana - My Dear

Slow, soft, calming blues rock. Nothing spectacular but pleasant to listen to and quite relaxing. And they're Japanese, just like everything else on this blog.

256 MP3

This track is actually from a different release, an EP called Blind Moon but I can't seem to find anything from My Dear on youtube ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ I might just create a Youtube channel if I'm ever in this situation again

Saturday, 17 March 2012

amazarashi - One Room Jojishi

Amazarashi are a busy Japanese rock/pop group that have released one album and four mini-albums/EPs in just two years. Their stuff has been fairly consistent and if you like one of their albums, you'll probably like them all. Although if you''re a piano guy you'd probably want to listen to Bakudan no Tsukuri Kata first.

Apparently their lyrics are great so if you speak Japanese you'd probably appreciate them more, I don't speak Japanese nor do I have any intention of learning so it doesn't really affect me, but I just wanted to point that out.

second track sample

Yuu - Ten no Mikaku

Yuu is the vocalist for the Japanese rock band, GO!GO!7188 although this solo album of hers sounds more like Tokyo Jihen than anything released by her band. Jap-rock/pop and sometimes jazzy

Second track, and also the worst on the entire album

Min & Klina-Men - Saru no houseki + 2 Songs

Haven't posted anything for awhile since I haven't been feeling great

2002 re-issue, originally released in 1987. Post-punk, moe ~~

First track

Monday, 12 March 2012

Haruo Chikada and Vibratones - Vibratones Fun

Poppy new wave. Hard to find information on Haruo Chikada but he has been in quite a few groups, I can't name them all though.
First two tracks in particular are really good, or at least, in my opinion. This is the 1993 re-issue, it was originally released in 1988.

First track, I would've preferred to have posted the second track but you've got to stick with what you can find. Kind of sounds like PVLN, similar to some of Halmen's stuff as well

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mizutama Shobodan - Maid's Prayer Sounds Like DA-DA-DA!

Dark and depressing Japanese post-punk girl group. A lady called Tenko is on vocals, who has also made some albums with Otomo Yoshide and that drummer from Ruins. The album art really reminds me of Anarchy's self-titled.

/jp/ meetup

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yonin Bayashi - Ishoku-Sokuhatsu

Classic Japanese progressive-rock. This is the 2009 reissue although it was originally released in 1974. Very talented band and I believe the members were around 19-20 years old when they made this.


Title track sample

>that feel when you accidentally dropped your copy of this album and now there's a huge crack on the case

Good thing it's cheap, you can buy it brand new for only £3

Yonin Bayashi - From the Vaults 2

56 unreleased Yonin Bayashi tracks, alternative takes, demos and various other things like bassless tracks or whatever. The stuff on here is from the era of their first three albums, with me considering  Hatachi no Genten as their first. 5 discs long, the first three are great but the quality on the fourth and fifth isn't as high.
If you're a fan of Yonin Bayashi's early albums you'll want to listen to this. If you haven't listened to any of Yonin Bayshi's albums listen to Ishoku Sokuhatsu and Golden Picnics.


Cioccolata - S/T

Experimental, operatic Japanese new wave, sort of like a cross between Yapoos and After Dinner. This is the 1994 re-issue although it was originally released in 1985.


Second track sample, although not completely representative of the rest of the album

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Frank Chickens - We Are Frank Chickens

Quirky London based Japanese new wave group, similar to Plastics. Most of it is sung in English  and on the whole it's very enjoyable and at times actually quite funny.


Ayumu Matsuki - Contemporary Music in the Evening

Ayumu Matsuki is an indie male multi-instrumentalist J-pop/rock artist who produces all of the music he makes by himself. This is a short EP/mini-album/whatever, so only 28 minutes long but on the whole it's good stuff, some of it sounds generic but it's still enjoyable.

Fifth track

He also has a lot of stuff you can listen to/download for free from the following sites, including Houkago Tea Time (Band from K-On!) covers.


-Note: I'm not actually sure if that's the correct name of the allbum, I had to use Google translate

Rashinban - Rago

I believe this is Rashinban's third album. Fronted by Seiichi Yamamoto of Boredoms. Psychedelic pop that sounds quite similar to Nagisa Ni Ti.
Also has some adorable penguins on the album art, which is a fine reason to download this album

First track

Tavito Nanao - Ame ni Utaeba...! Disc 2

There is no first disc.
Tavito Nanao's debut album, features quite a lot of guest performers Yuki Takumiya from Guitar Vader is probably the most recognisable. It's electropop but not the standard, generic mainstream kind.
Ripped from a CD which says "Sample and NOT FOR SALE" that  I bought from a Chinese man on eBay. But don't worry, it plays perfectly.


Second track sample

This is actually from his latest album, which isn't that great on the whole but I think the music video for this track is hilarious so I'm posting it anyway

Oh yeah, it's also ranked as the 31st greatest Japanese rock album by Snoozer magazine

Rosa Luxemburg - Rosa Luxemburg II

actually going to post some stuff now

Rosa Luxemburg's second album, although released in the same year as their first. I'm pretty sure the band said that these were essentially the spare tracks they had from after releasing their first album, Puri Puri. If you'd prefer listening to something funkier listen to Puri Puri but if you enjoy good, catchy pop/rock music than you'll probably enjoy this one more.Also ranked as the 2nd greatest Japanese rock album by Snoozer magazine.

First track