Monday, 21 May 2012

Totsuzen Danball - Arikitari No Shinpo

Totsuzen Danball's newest album released last year in 2011. I think this is worth buying for the artwork alone, especially the stuff on the inside and the monkey with the cymbals on the back. 15 tracks in total but they're all fairly short pop/rock songs, synthesisers seem to be rarely used. If I have one complaint about the album it's the vocals, they really aren't as good as they used to be on their earlier albums and are sometimes just downright bad.

mp3 320
Second track

Totsuzen Danball - Yokushi Onryoko

One of my favourite new wave albums so I bought a physical copy. This rip is from the 2009 remaster, originally released in 1991. I'll upload it in FLAC at a later date

Fourth track
Mp3 320


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Salon Music - Sleepless Sheep, Totsuzen Danball - Arikitari No Shinpo, Totsuzen Danball - Yokushi Onryoko

I bought these three albums, I'll upload them in FLAC and 320 later, it'll take awhile though.
Sleepless Sheep and Arikitari No Shinpo were both released last year in 2011. You can buy them for a reasonable enough price on CDJapan, everywhere else I've found selling them is more expensive.

Bo Gumbos - Bo & Gumbo

Internet has been constantly going down so posting let alone uploading anything has been incredibly difficult for me to do recently.

Bo Gumbos are a Japanese rock band, the vocalist is called Takashi Hisatomi a.k.a the guy from Rosa Luxemburg who died in 2000, I'm not sure of the exact reason why though. In my opinion this isn't as good as the two albums released by Rosa Luxemburg but still very good, definitely worth listening to. Released in 1989 but honestly with track titles such as 'Hey Flower Brother' it seems like something a 60's 'hippie' would listen to.
There's also a lot of live performances of Bo Gumbos + Soul Flower Union on Youtube.

Second track
320 mp3