Friday, 15 June 2012

Salon Music - This Is

This Is, is another good album by Salon Music. Probably my sixth or seventh favourite by them. Which may sound quite bad on paper but they've released twelve studio albums, one demo collection, one EP and one best of compilation in total. Released a year before O Boy so they sound quite similar musically but I think more synths are used in this one.
Another album I'll upload in FLAC/320 in a bit.

No samples
192kbps mp3

Salon Music - O Boy

Mix of synth and guitar pop. My fourth favourite Salon Music album, can't think of much else to say about it to be honest.
The version I have uploaded is 192kbps but I can upload it in FLAC or 320 later.

The ninth track is a Sparks collaboration and cover of "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" by Soft Cell.

192kbps mp3
Title track music video

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shifukudan - Chiputan (1996)

Obscure but brilliant instrumental new wave. They collaborated with Machida Kou (INU) on one of his albums.

25 minute sample...
2 minute sample
160kbps mp3
The postman didn't come today, and to think that I was so excited.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

SOYUZ project - Bellisima +

Solo-project instrumental technopop from Hajime Fukuma, an ex-member of P-Model. I'm not entirely sure but I think these are just live recordings of the album Bellisima. It was hard to find and yet it's extremely good.

Fifth track

Oh, and Totsuzen Danball - Naritatukana? seems to have gotten a lot of views in just one day. I guess a lot of people want it for whatever reason. So I decided to post it when the other album I ordered, Masumi Hara History arrives, which should be tomorrow.

Hiroshi Fujiwara - Nothing Much Better To Do

Hiroshi's best album. Hiroshi Fujiwara was the guy from hip-hop/dub duo Tiny Panx Organisation with Takagi Kan. Not to be confused with TPO the new wave group. Although Takagi Kan strangely used to be in the rock 'n' roll new wave band Tokyo Bravo and Mitsuwa Sakamoto was also a member of Tokyo Bravo. Mitsuwa Sakamoto was also in the new wave/technopop group FILMS in which Takumi Iwasaki was also a member and finally Takumi Iwasaki was a member of the new wave group TPO, so when you link everything up like that, T.P.O. and TPO are both very much related.

As for this album, it's dub and features a lot of soul singers. Nothing much else to say really other than if you like Audio Sports and Fishmans you'll probably end up enjoying this. Rolling Stones Japan ranked this as the 80th greatest Japanese "rock" album of all time, it's not in my top 100 but it's a selection I can get behind, unlike some of Rolling Stones Japan other rankings.

I believe this is the opening track, hard to tell though since I have this album tagged in kanji
V2 mp3


Their second album. Two minutes and twenty-three seconds longer.

Similar amount of styles on this album, this track is the technopop opener
avg201kbps mp3


LaB LIFe are one of those bands that for some reason are a lot more obscure than they should be, it might be because they only released one EP and two albums over the span of two years but they definitely deserve more recognition.
As far as modern Japanese pop music goes LaB LIFe are one of the best groups.

There's a bit of variety on this album including a track called 'New Order' which was influenced by the band New Order.

Second track sounds like a fusion of technopop and neo-acoustic Shibuya-kei along the lines of Flipper's Guitar
avg190kbps mp3

I'll probably buy some of their stuff once I actually get some money.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Totsuzen Danball - Naritatukana?

This album came with a poster, so why couldn't Sleepless Sheep?
Oh, I'll probably post the album once I've given it a couple more listens. Unfortunately I found it quite disappointing, I was expecting post-punk with some of the awesome guitarwork in their other  such as Yokushi Onryoko and to an extent Sukidayou. Instead it's just borderline-experimental rock music with a very slight post-punk influence. Nothing spectacular but I might have to give it a couple of more listens since I was expecting something completely different. I guess that might be the main reason why I was so disappointed with this. I still love Totsuzen Danball though.

EDIT: I've listened to it twice now, I enjoyed it a lot more the second time round. It reminds me of A Very Big Band in Heaven by Real Fish, just with guitars and no synthesisers.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Salon Music - Sleepless Sheep (2011)

AOTY 2k11. Salon Music's best album since MASH. I think this album combines the best parts of MASH (1995) and La Paloma Show (1984.) There's only one track I don't like and that's Raincoat which is a repetitive synthpop song that sounds like something from New World Record with some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard and it's also far too long.

Posting two samples since they made two music videos.
Tell me your thoughts
It's a little thing
320kbps mp3

As much as I love Salon Music and this album there's not much incentive to buy Sleepless Sheep other than the music. The artwork isn't anything special (this coming from a Welshman by the way.) The CD is pure white and all it comes with are the credits and a lyrics sheet. I can also see four blobs of glue where they stuck down the CD holder to the cardboard on the back. I get that Salon Music's popularity has died down but surely they could do something better than that!? I've bought albums for a lot cheaper that came with more, for example; After Dinner - Paradise of Replica, that album only cost me £10 and yet it came with everything Sleepless Sheep had AND a poster! A poster of Haco in fact, one of the cutest Japanese musicians you'll ever see. So why didn't they do such a thing with Sleepless Sheep? I'm not entirely sure how old Hitomi Takenaka is right now but I'm guessing she's now in her fifties but as you can tell by that 'It's a Little Thing' music video she's still extremely cute, not just that but Zin Yoshida actually has a nice arse (no homo) so they could have at least included a poster of him. So Salon Music, Zin Yoshida, Hitomi Takenaka or even Felicity Records if you're reading this (and I know you two can speak English seeing as how all of your lyrics are in it) please include a poster of Hitomi, Zin or even both of them in your next album. I'll probably still buy it no matter what but it'd make me a lot happier if you listened to my request, even if it's just a booklet with a couple pictures in the studio. I'd gladly pay a bit more for your next album if you did something like that, (not too much mind you since Sleepless Sheep came close to costing £30 which is already very expensive.) Thanks for reading.

Salon Music - MASH (1995)

Their best album in my opinion but they have an extremely varied discography, most of which is worth listening to. They have a couple of shitty albums such as New World Record, Chew it in a Bite and Kelly's Duck (which also has one of the worst album covers I have ever seen.)

There aren't any tracks from this album on youtube so have something from O Boy
320kbps mp3

Various Artists - Dokkiri Record (1980)

Worth listening to for the INU tracks alone. Very low quality and yet the versions of Meshi Kuuna! and Fade Out on this compilation are so much better than the ones on INU's actual album. Also has a track called All The Old Punks which is by INU and isn't on any of their other records. The other artists for the most part are good but nowhere close enough to INU.

192kbps mp3

Lizard - Live at S-Ken Studio '78 and more!

What the name of the album says. If you liked any of Lizard's other albums then you should listen to this. Some very good "new" tracks and different takes of songs that made it to their studio albums.
You should also listen to S-Ken if you haven't already, another very good band.

No samples available.
192kbps mp3

Apparently that Arikitari No Shinpo by Totsuzen Danball post I made has 187 views, it's weird seeing it next to a bunch of double digit numbers. I also ordered Totsuzen Danball's first album Naritatukana? about a week ago, hopefully it'll arrive soon.

Lizard - Gymnopedia (1981)

Their best album since their self-titled. By this time they're hardly a new wave band at all. Apparently they had been doing live shows with post-punk girlband Mizutama Shobodan and used them as an influence.

Absolutely nothing on Youtube
128kbps mp3. Good luck finding it in a higher quality

Lizard - Babylon Rocker (1980)

Lizard's second album, the production isn't as good and they went for a more post-punk/gothic rock sound, it's still a decent album but probably their worst.

They never seem to upload the best tracks onto Youtube
192kbps mp3

Lizard - Lizard (1979)

I haven't posted anything for a long time. For some reason I haven't even been able to download from mediafire for a week or so, I guess it's to do with my ISP (BT.)

Early synth orientated Japanese new wave. Fantastic album and ranked in tenth place on Takarajima's Top Twenty Japanese Rock Albums.

Opening track, by no means the best on the album
192kbps mp3