Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Masumi Hara - Singles & Collections

Compilation containing various songs from Masumi Hara's career (1982-2000.)
It's technopop/new wave, some tracks are quite jazzy, the first and twelfth songs in particular. I think 'Tama with synths' is a fairly decent comparison, although I much prefer Masumi Hara.

According to the credits BANANA-UG plays the synthesiser on over half of the tracks. I won't go into too much detail but if you don't know who BANANA-UG is then shame on you!

First track, BANANA-UG does NOT play synths on this one.
FLAC p.1
FLAC p.2

I actualy found this video of Hara Masumi drawing pictures with Tama, although you'll have to skip past the cute Japanese women wearing bikinis first.

Totsuzen Danball - Naritatsukana? (1981)

Originally released in 1981 this is the 2005 (I think) remaster + reissue that contains 6 previously unreleased tracks. Basically art-rock with some post-punk influences and the second half is a lot better than the first. I was a bit disappointed when I first listened to it but since then I've enjoyed it a lot more with each subsequent listen. Recommended if you like Aunt Sally, Datblygu or other bands similar to those two.

No youtube samples, I'll need to upload some at a later date.


I just updated the page for Yokushi Onryoko so it now contains a FLAC download. Just letting that out there.

Totsuzen Danball - Deluxe Single (1990)

Another single of Totsuzen Danball's, five tracks in total. I'm not too sure how to describe this one other than that it's very experimental new wave?

No samples

Totsuzen Danball - White Man (1980)

Totsuzen Danball's first single. Released in 1980 and yet sounds nothing like any of their other stuff released at around the same time. It's more or less straight up post-punk instead of the post-punk influenced art-rock they did on the Pass Live split with Gunjocrayon (1980) and their début album Naritatsukana? (1981)

The B-side is a track called 変なパーマネン

White man