Saturday, 27 October 2012


The pizza I ordered arrived today, I had to pay a £30 tip. I fucking hate the post office.

Let's see what's inside the first box!

And the second one.

Oh, but there's more!


All together now, or at least sort of. I know one of them is rather hard to see.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mio Fou - Mio Fou ~15th Anniversary~ (1984)

Progressive pop/synthpop/new wave. Similar to Real Fish's album, "A Very Big Band in Heaven" but more mellow and with vocals.
Mio Fou were a duo consisting of Hiirofumi Suzuki (Moonriders, Keiichi Suzuki's brother), and violinist Hirono Mio (Shi-shonen, Real Fish)
Maki Nomiya (Pizzicato Five, Portable Rock) also provides guest vocals.
This re-issue features 7 bonus tracks.

One of Hirono Mio's solo songs, posting simply because I really like it.

320mp3 DL reuploaded

Hara Masumi - Yoru no Sachi (1988)

Japanese avant-garde pop and post-punk influenced new wave.
Vocals sound like Tama, music sounds like a darker Jun Togawa. Recommended for fans of both.

Third track sample
320mp3 DL

Kenji Endo - Tokyo Wasshoi (1979)

Fantastic mix of technopop, folk and pop/rock. Very upbeat, considered a classic.
Ranked as the 26th greatest Japanese album by Snoozer Magazine.
Came in 19th place on Takarajima's Top 20 Japanese albums.

Title track
320mp3 DL

Tatsuya Kokufu - Rock Tensei (2003)

Modern Japanese pop. Tatsuya Kokufu was a member of the band Mangahead although I haven't listened to any of their stuff (nor have I found any of it either.) Ranked as the 108th greatest Japanese album by Snoozer magazine. Extremely good, very recommended if you're into pop music.
Tavito Nanao also provides guest vocals for one of the tracks.

320mp3 DL
Second track sample

Monday, 8 October 2012

Some CDs that have arrived.

The album in the picture shown to the left is Rock Tensei by Tatsuya Kokufu. A whole lot better than I expected, it's pop/rock with quite a lot in similar with various math rock bands and the vocals are beautiful. I imagine it'd appeal to fans of The Dismemberment Plan, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and other bands such as Polvo and Toe, etc. (It's also far superior to any of those bands listed.) Apparently Tavito Nanao provides guest vocals on the third track but to be honest I can't notice them.

Other albums
Kenji Endo - Tokyo Wasshoi (Fantastic mix of technopop, folk rock and pop/rock.)
Mio Fou - Mio Fou (Duo consisting of Hirono Mio of Real Fish and Hirofumi Suzuki from Moonriders, great progressive pop/new wave album)
Hara Masumi - Yoru no Sachi (Avant-garde pop, jazz, new wave, synthpop, post-punk) if you like Jun Togawa and Cioccolata you'll really like this

I did take pictures of those three other albums as well but I can't seem to find them on my camera. Perhaps somebody deleted them although I'm not quite sure about who would do such a thing.

I'll upload these albums when I have the time, hopefully by the end of the week.
It might be worth mentioning that Tokyo Wasshoi was ranked at 26th and 19th place on Snoozer and Takarajima's greatest Japanese albums lists respectively. Tatsuya Kokufu's album Rock Tensei was ranked 108th by Snoozer.