Saturday, 27 October 2012


The pizza I ordered arrived today, I had to pay a £30 tip. I fucking hate the post office.

Let's see what's inside the first box!

And the second one.

Oh, but there's more!


All together now, or at least sort of. I know one of them is rather hard to see.


  1. Nice score! I have to admit though that the only thing I recognize is the Cioccolata LP ...isn't it related to Ryuichi Sakamoto somehow? Or am I getting stuff mixed up?

    Having to pay customs fees can suck it! Didn't you ask DL to write down the value on the customs slip?

    1. There are actually two Cioccolata discs in that picture: An LP at the front which is probably the one you've already listened to, and an EP at the back. I believe you're getting things with Sakamoto confused as the self-titled album was produced by Ryomei Shirai (Moonriders) and the EP: Dai Dei D-ya was produced by Hajime Tachibana (Plastics). I've checked the credits for both releases and Sakamoto is not mentioned in either of them and nor have I heard of him or suspected him of ever being related with Cioccolata.
      I didn't since every time I've ordered something from a non-EU country I never had to pay any customs fees. I actually checked all of my packages from various CDs and games that I had ordered from countries such as China straight after I was asked to pay all of that money; it turns out all of those previous sellers just ticked the 'gift' box so I didn't have to pay any additional fees. I might ask DL to do that next time or query if they could simply lower the price they write down by 10 or so dollars.
      But before I shop for new records I should buy new parts for my turntable and its recording equipment. That way the music I record will actually be upload-satisfactory.

  2. Ah, cool! Yeah, it's the LP I recognized - didn't even know they had an EP out! Not sure where I got the idea that Sakamoto was involvet with Cioccolata ...I supposed I mixed him up with the Moonriders guy or something.

    I mostly only buy cheap stuff from DL, but whenever I place an order for anything relatively more expensive, I always ask them to write down the cost on the customs slip - no problem as of yet! As for their shipping options, I've found that the registered SAL option is more or less as quick as airmail (at least to Sweden), so I always go with that.

    Heh, I've been meaning to upgrade my crappy stereo system for ages ...but somehow I find myself spending my spare money on cool records rather than on a fancy pickup or a proper amplifier or whatever. It'd be cool to have a big phat stereo system, but as a friend said; "one gets used to shitty sound quickly". As for internet peeps downloading rips, they're quite likely to jam them in trebly-ass iPad earphones anyway, so why bother? *cynical*

  3. Heh, as for those pizza-boxes they ship stuff in - I've got a bunch of them lying around that I don't know what to do with. Once they even shipped me a single 7" record in one of those, haha!

  4. What is this DL that you guys are talking about?