Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tatsuya Kokufu - Rock Tensei (2003)

Modern Japanese pop. Tatsuya Kokufu was a member of the band Mangahead although I haven't listened to any of their stuff (nor have I found any of it either.) Ranked as the 108th greatest Japanese album by Snoozer magazine. Extremely good, very recommended if you're into pop music.
Tavito Nanao also provides guest vocals for one of the tracks.

320mp3 DL
Second track sample


  1. Ohhhh...this is sooo BEAUTYFULL!!! Where can I order the CD??

    1. The copy I bought was a sample CD from some guy in China. Honestly, I'm not sure where you would be able to buy a proper retail copy. I tried ordering it from CD Japan but they told me they weren't able to supply me with it after five weeks of waiting. You might be able to buy it from his website but it is all in moonrunes.