Friday, 1 March 2013

Miwako Saito - One Dozen Gentlemen (1995)

A diverse pop album from Metrotron Records,
produced by Miwako Saito & Hirobumi Suzuki.
Has elements of pop, folk, synthpop, new wave, shibuya-kei, but it can be, in my opinion, rather spotty at times; probably due to the concept behind it: twelve different artists collaborated with Miwako Saito on this album's twelve different tracks, hence the name. But on the whole I do like this album, my favourite tracks are 'Best Couple' which sounds like some of Carnation's stuff from the early nineties, and 'Docchi Ga Shiawase' which is similar to a lot of the music Totsuzen Danball released in the early nineties as well. My least favourite tracks on this album are, unfortunately, the only two available on Youtube.

Features (in order):
Keiichi Suzuki
Kouichi Yamane
Masataro Naoe
Takaaki Aoki
Yuzuru Ohta
Kouji Wakui
Susumu Isshiki
Youichi Aoyama
Katsuyuki Watauchi
Totsuzen Danball
Morio Agata
Hirobumi Suzuki

YT 1
YT 2

New Records; No New Record Player

Kidorikko - Ryuko Tsushin-Bo
Toshiro Sensui - LifeStyle (Member of 8 1/2, Halmens, Muscle Beat, and Yapoos, I'm probably forgetting some from off the top of my head. Features Jun Togawa on guest vocals as well as Koji Ueno and Maki Nomiya.)
Yagi - Il Neige (Produced by Morio Agata, artwork obviously made by Keiichi Ohta, I don't really know anything else significant about this record.)
Miwako Saito - One Dozen Gentlemen (Member of Tango Europe, Miwako Saito + Hysterics, released some solo albums via KUKI (famous AV company), features a dozen guest artists over twelve tracks.)

Toshiro Sensui - LifeStyle smells like a dead Japanese man living inside of my house. How can one record smell so foul?

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Please forgive me for not having uploaded the previous purchases, but once I get a better record player with a quality I'm satisfied with when it comes to uploading tracks I'll be able to upload everything at once. Except for the things that are already easy to find on the internet; such as Kaizou he no Yakudo, Sereregansu na Tanoshi Mi, the Mardigras flexi-disc, and Cioccolata's self-titled début which arrived with the last batch.