Friday, 1 March 2013

New Records; No New Record Player

Kidorikko - Ryuko Tsushin-Bo
Toshiro Sensui - LifeStyle (Member of 8 1/2, Halmens, Muscle Beat, and Yapoos, I'm probably forgetting some from off the top of my head. Features Jun Togawa on guest vocals as well as Koji Ueno and Maki Nomiya.)
Yagi - Il Neige (Produced by Morio Agata, artwork obviously made by Keiichi Ohta, I don't really know anything else significant about this record.)
Miwako Saito - One Dozen Gentlemen (Member of Tango Europe, Miwako Saito + Hysterics, released some solo albums via KUKI (famous AV company), features a dozen guest artists over twelve tracks.)

Toshiro Sensui - LifeStyle smells like a dead Japanese man living inside of my house. How can one record smell so foul?


  1. "LifeStyle" is really neat, sorry about the smell though. How come it smells so bad? Mold? Smoke?

    1. No mould, and the record really doesn't smell of smoke either. I think the previous owners were just genuinely very smelly people. They probably kept a few pets, and a few cadavers under the floorboards.

  2. Even if the photo quality is not that good I immediately recognized the Keiichi Ohta's style on that cover! :D I've never seen that record before, please tell me if it sounds good when you'll listen to it! It seems interesting.

    (I think it's the first time I write here. I'll just say you're running a very cool blog!)

  3. Could you post the Yagi Il Neige?